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Kids assembely in Mata Sukhdevi school

Mata Sukhdevi Public School is an institution in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation which aligns with the shift in global economy, society and environment. It aims to be an institution of excellence dedicated to producing the leaders of tomorrow.

Abha - Cultural program in MSPS

Sports and Cultural programs give students another level of exposure; they participate vividly in games, events, activities and give their best to make the most of each of these experiences. Altogether, it’s another kind of learning experience as well apart from the regular classroom studies and examinations; it teaches them leadership and team management qualities through various extra-curricular activities which ultimately help in building the students’ unique personalities and gain confidence.

Yoga Class in Mata sukhdevi school

As a school, the main responsibility lies in inculcating a sense of leadership, competition in the child at every level and field. Therefore, the school tries to impart practical knowledge apart from theoretical or regular classrooms knowledge. Being accountable for one’s own actions is something one may not learn about in books, hence, it’s equally important to lay emphasis on both, the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.


Message from The desk of Director

Managing Director - Mata Sukhdevi School

 Mrs. Lalita Yadav 

I believe in creating schools that provide quality education that is strongly rooted in values. I have tried to build a unique education system that helps to maximize a child’s potential. I remain deeply involved in my school and make it a point to meet all our stakeholders, right from children to parents and teachers. Since the time I have come on board I have encouraged our school to act as the center for positive social enhancement and upliftment, which has proved to be successful to a great extent. As a matter of fact, technology is an integral part of our present as well as the future. Our IT Labs are well-equipped and our faculty is computer literate who has access to all the modern technical know-how. No technology can replace the human teacher. We prefer smart teachers over smart classes, but are not totally against teaching through smart classes. Our teachers have been using the technology as a supplementary aid. 

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