….is one where you do not have to make choices. Choices between performance in boards or competitive exams. Choices between academics and extracurricular activities. Choices between learning and remembering. And most importantly choices between enjoying education and being stressed by it.

MATA SUKHDEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL ensures good education. Good education is something that nurtures the innate abilities of a child. It ensures that the child grows aesthetically, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Good education should foster creativity, sensitivity, compassion and care. It is value-based asset that leads to the growth of socially responsible, environmentally conscious and innovative human beings. Education is not just a passport to good life, but a potent and prominent process that enables children to develop holistically.


A system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation is followed for gauging the students’ progress. 


The students are evaluated internally on continuous basis to note their areas of achievement and to work on their weak areas for further improvement .Main emphasis is upon avoiding the stress and to make learning an enjoyable experience for students. Tools of evaluation include cyclic assessment (writing, spelling, activity sheets) and verbal assessment (reading &recitation). Festival celebrations also serve as enjoyable learning experience. 

Classes IV to X 
In the First Term there are two Formative Assessments. This is followed by a Summative Assessment-1 i.e. SA1 or the Half Yearly Examination.
In the Second Term there are two Formative Assessments i.e. FA3 and FA4 followed by the Summative Assessment – 2 i.e. SA2 or the Final Exams.
For classes IV – X marks scored in SA1 (Half- Yearly) and SA2 (Final Exams) are converted to grades on a nine point system as follows.

Date- Sheet of SA1 (Half Yearly Exams) and SA2 (Final Exams) is given to the students one week before the examinations. Maximum marks and duration of Half Yearly and Final Examination for different classes is as follows:

For classes IV to X, the Final Results will show the cumulative performance of the learner according to the following weightage 

Students of classes IX and X will also be evaluated in Co-Scholastic Area such as – 
a) Life Skills (Thinking, Social and Emotional Skills) b) Attitudes and Values (towards Teachers, School Mates, School Programme, Environment and Value Systems)
c) Literary and Creative Skills Scientific Skills, Aesthetic Skills
d) Health and Physical Education
All these evaluations in Co-Scholastic Area will be reflected as grades.

1   Arts     

2   Social Science     

3   Science       

4   EVS    

5   Math (V)      

6   Math (III)     

7   English  

8   Hindi    


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